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Welcome to Money Matters

     This site is designed as a straight forward way to help YOU make Money online.

In accordance with our "No Bull Shit" policy, it is not here to give all the "Fan-Fare"

or extra "Bull-Shit" found on most Money sites. We are Not going to waste YOUR

TIME or OUR SPACE telling you where we came from or how hard it was to get

here. We will simply give you easy to understand information and paths to achieving

the goal of obtaining Money (which is the reason you came here in the first place).

Yes, we have products to make us Money and there may be Free bonuses attached

to them to "Sweeten" the deal, but know this...If we say that a product is Free, It Is,

No "Strings" Attached, No "Check This Out" first. If we say "Download Here", that is

where your download is, Not three long pages later.

With that all said, We would like to Welcome YOU to our site.

What is Money?

     Money is nothing but a "paper like" cloth with nice artwork and numbers printed

on it. It really has no value in itself. Its true value is what YOU apply to it. It is YOUR

mindset and YOUR desire to have or not have that gives it its worth. It is not enough

to Want it or Need it unless or until you have the desire. Money is extremely easy to

obtain if the desire is there to Have.

     Is it really the desire to have Money that makes it easy to obtain? NO! It is the

desire of FREEDOM from financial stress, the desire of trading it for the things that

YOU want out of LIFE, and the desire to better YOURSELF and OTHERS around

you, it really is about YOUR mindset. Does Money MAKE YOU happy? Does

HAVING Money MAKE YOU happy? Does Money SOLVE YOUR problems?

NO!  NO!  NO!

Money is a piece of cloth. It is what Money represents to YOU that makes it worth

ANYTHING. What YOU want out of LIFE is what it is all about, Money is simply a

tool for achieving it.  

Mindset and Desire

     To make Money you must have the proper mindset and way of thinking.

If you are not familiar with The Law of Attraction we suggest you start there.

Although it isn't going to make you Money directly, it will help YOU to develop

YOUR mindset and the skills you need for setting goals, moving forward, and finding

happiness within, all of which are important to making Money.   

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